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Analysis and Optimization of the Readability and Understandability of Texts

You have written a first draft, e. g. a project report. Click on the Analysis button in docutune. You will get a text statistics and a numerical assessment, how easy understandable the text is already.

Figure 1: The understandability analysis and text statistics

Now docutune can show you hints, how and where the understandability of your text can further be improved.

Figure 2: An understandability parameter is selected

Now you change to the editor and modify your text. You change the text, not the computer, so that you keep control over your text. Repeat the analysis. Examine another understandability parameter and change other paragraphs of your text. The understandability of your text will gradually improve.

A well document structure and good design of tables and figures cannot be computed. Therefore you will get checklist questions to cover these aspects of the text understandability, which help you to assess the quality of your text.

Figure 3: A checklist question for self-assessment is selected

The next figure gives an overview of the schematic workflow of analysing and optimizing the text understandability with docutune.

Bild 4: Schematic workflow of analysing and optimizing the text understandability with docutune

Tip for beginners and short texts: Start with short texts. Fill in an analysis protocol now and then. You can find an analysis protocol in our download area.

Tip for more experienced users and longer texts: The longer your text is, the more important is your document organization (e. g. table of contents and index) and the good and consistent design of lists, tables and figures. Therefore you should answer all checklist questions, when you are writing long documents.