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Features of docutune

docutune is a program that analyses and optimizes the understandability of text. docutune helps you writing texts on your PC that are understandable for your readers.

You write a text, after you activated the analysis docutune provides you with a numerical computation how understandable the text is. Now you open a group of dnderstandability parameters and look at the individual values. Click on one parameter and docutune gives you hints, how and where the understandability of your text can be improved regarding the selected parameter.

You will execute all text changes yourself, so that you keep control over your text.

If you optimize the text like that, you can keep the individuality of your text.

Now you can work with a different understandability parameter or change to a different group of parameters. Repeat the analysis as often as you like.

It is your choice how far you go with the optimization.

docutune is suited for all types of texts like newspaper articles, project reports, texts in text books, laws and regulations, manuals, homework, presentations, protocols etc.

If you use docutune you save:

   money, time and energy when proofreading

and you gain:

- recognition
- scope for development
- success
from teachers, supervisors, customers etc.
for new ideas
in your professional and private life!